Napoleon: Total War Review

There are two games Napoleon: Total War. First — single-player — trimmed Empire: Total Warfor glamorous lazy without feelings, brains and conscience. The second is multiplayer: fairy tale in reality, the embodiment of all the most secret dreams of fans of the Total War series, ecstasy, delight, pure happiness. We begin, as usual, with the bad.


Seven years of solitude

The player is alone offered on the choice of three campaigns, Napoleon’s Italian, Egyptian and European. But it’s not the campaign in the usual Total War sense of the word — you are not allowed to build Empire, stood up some tiny Holland and turning it into a merciless the world’s policeman. All solved up to you classifications identified, the chips are arranged, the army advanced, all that remains provided by the following designer’s route to conquer one province after another.

The most striking example — the adventures of Napoleon in Egypt. Here, in principle, no diplomacy, even corresponding the button is not lit — because to agree with someone and not have what you need only a nightmare of the Horde of Bedouins, Ottomans, joined the British. Do not painful to save power, biulding the army — it’s there from the beginning, just don’t forget her to occasionally replenish. It is not necessary to develop the city — the front line moves too quickly, developed areas almost immediately are in the rear. About science, of course, also you can forget. The only thing you have to do — it’s to run errands (“Take the province, take this province, and we will give you a bag of money”), going from victory to victory. Theoretically, you can Dodge and smash game (for example, to put all the troops on that ship and lose to sea the battle with the British, ditching the missile), but this should be stunning nerd.

Capturing an enemy settlement, you can not only to plunder but also to “free”, establishing a Republic-protector. Very convenient if you don’t want to push the uprising in the rear.

Exactly the same things in Italy. The campaign map is essentially a corridor on the left, and our site, on the right — the Austrian town that need to be taken to do another task. Here, however, open up some space to diplomatic games with the Italian principalities, but it is an unnecessary perversion game giveaway wop, which only add to the problems. Much easier cut all in a row and nothing to think.

Some hint of the Total War sample the glorious past years appears only in the war against the Coalition that runs from 1805 to 1812. There really does not hurt strategic planning and a couple of concluded alliances, but again, the game designers are not leave you alone, slipping under the nose of the obvious solution: “Take a vein, and Austria will make peace with you”. Well, who should be then not to take Vienna?

Conversely, if you start to play for Russia — who have to be to to withdraw from Vienna in the Russian squad with Kutuzov at the head, leaving her at the mercy of Napoleon? Russian campaign, by the way, gets interesting only towards the ending when the damn Frenchies rake up under the whole of Europe and the player you have to be a fight in the mud with a giant Empire. However, by the time the emergence of the French Reich you usually develop all that is possible to maximum, meeting Napoleon at the borders of Russia with immense, howling in anticipation the blood of armies.

“How many years, how many winters!” Meeting of Kutuzov against Napoleon at Vienna.

Interestingly, all the buildings in the provinces (except the capital region) is now focused exclusively for needs of the front. The familiar Empire foundries in Napoleon give a tiny bonus to income and a substantial discount on the purchase of the new troops. Science, too, all became much easier — the list of available research inventions, which previously took up to three tabs now fit on one, and the specifics of it, again, the military (from the new ability of infantry before discounts on the maintenance of troops in the economic section). And because of the short time period of the campaign, you physically can’t keep up with the neighbors and start to lose the battle from a lack of normal bayonets or mobile artillery.

For a small campaign

Going by the footsteps of Napoleon, you can you beat the three campaigns, the first Italian, Egyptian and Austrian. The Austrian kicks off in 1805, and almost immediately carried away from the historical truth (England out of the Coalition, Russia moves troops to Istanbul, etc.), while the Italian and Egyptian more interesting.

In particular, after the capture of Cairo in the game, it happens historically accurate mutiny of Mamelukes, close to town occurs a bunch of angry Bedouin. Another thing is that in reality, the British did not fought against Napoleon on the ground — here they landed at Alexandria on the twentieth move. And for the battle of the pyramids will have to run a separate battle in campaign it is not.

The Italian campaign much closer in the spirit of history — in particular, exactly the same as in reality, Napoleon mainly engaged in the liberation of the city from the Austrians joyfully welcomed locals. Another thing is that in the real history of the Napoleonic army was impoverished, rasuto and naked, while in the game you are up against the Austrians with first-class infantry who’s actually poor is still a big question. However, the outcome of the campaign is quite true: Austria surrenders, leaving the war.

Silly Betty

Weather effects are much prettier in the rain very little is seen on the battlefield, you have to control your “instrument”.

However, the battle to lose at all very hard — the computer behaves like a complete degenerate even at maximum the level of difficulty. According to our observations, the maximum complexity from the minimum is characterized mainly by the parameters of the fighting spirit of troops — on at least the French run, losing a couple of people in the regiment, at a maximum cost to the last drop of blood.

The most striking example of computer idiocy (after recall a clip of patches to the original Empire, which Napoleon virtually no different in terms of combat mechanics) happened during the siege of Stockholm. Completely lost the shame and fear I landed in Swedish capital with dozens of battered units of line infantry, half a dozen ragged militia and two batteries of guns. The Swedes responded to my trick of nominations two full armies line infantry supported by six batteries. The retreat to the landing there was nowhere, and I decided to get involved in this battle solely out of mischief, mixed with despair. The maximum complexity, the advantage number — two and a half times, troops — three times, the case is solved, to a decline of battlefield is littered with corpses of Russian insolent…

Scheme of recruitment of the generals became more logical — you do not get a pig in a poke, and you can choose what abilities must possess General.

I won, losing less half of the army and killing eighty percent of the Swedes. AI instead of trying to suppress the artillery, then start a simultaneous attack on all fronts with the transition to the bayonet (the first flinch militias behind them rushed all the rest, turning the battle to crush elements of the massacre), over time threw two or three regiments on my gun, charged with buckshot. Received in the forehead grapeshot volley, the troops are in a panic, retreated, regrouped and re-Purley on red-hot from the continuous firing of the gun. I could not believe my eyes, the battlefield was going insane.

Or a complete shame, if you remember what we are talking about the project of the legendary strategy series Total War. Somehow the computer just keeps in battles with pre-prepared items (such as Waterloo), and while it will not pass from the flanks, forcing him to remove the troops from their homes by the designers of the level of the perches. It is difficult to say whether the mental disorder AI evidence of the weakness of the team Creative Assembly (hard to believe) or is it a continuation of the previous course to involve the so-called “casual players”. Say, put the highest difficulty level and still feel like a world-class military leader — Napoleon almost.

    At a late stage of the battle for the city looks very effectively — the pillars of smoke from burning buildings, clashes in the streets… by the Way, some ambush of buildings is in the midst of residential areas and guns can’t touch them, you will have to make an honest assault.

To play for Russia especially nice: half units if coming out with a circular panorama of the battle of Borodino or pictures from a history book. Recognition is instantaneous.

Tell me, uncle, for good reason…

The game about Napoleon, of course, could not do without the battle of Borodino. We carefully watched his swing, and then decided to compare with what he wrote about Borodino Mikhail Lermontov.

Crossing broad critical moment, the troops are dense columns, a couple of volleys of shrapnel will turn infantry into meat. Fortunately, the brain of the computer is to send Kweli detachment of cavalry.

Other consequences of the love of a hardcore part of the audience less terrible, CA processed the better interface, made normal finally a map of the area, as well as a pleasant voice alert and useless action camera. On the global map (the much prettier) is now replaced with not two, but four the time of year, and each turn now lasts six months, and two weeks — or even the war with the Coalition ended for the hour. Well, the battles in Napoleon are much more decent than in Empire: smoke, flashes of fire, beautiful gunshots.

All this, however, is useless the little things of life. Main news — Creative Assembly finally has done what we all long ago asked them to do. Multiplayer strategic campaign. Choose one of three available scenarios set rules (time limit on tactical battle to auto-post the battle results in case of the unwillingness of one of the players to fight like a man), invite your friends — and more! Cropped map of Europe (faded piece of Africa, The Caucasus, part of Scandinavia, and India with America you can not even stutter) suddenly becomes very useful — you don’t want to multiplayer session dragged on for a month? Misses AI no longer to worry about diplomacy from half-unconscious lotions becoming the most important tool, and every battle turns into a sophisticated confrontation of two alive, desperately trying to cheat minds.

Doomed city like this that’s Bucharest, not trying to fight back the forces of citizens, and honestly giving up, saving you from unnecessary battles.

Moreover, sated political intrigues against friends, you can activate the mode drop-in-battles. Roughly speaking, in the global map competing powers manages AI, but in a fight on the tactical map are invited random players instead of the computer. Life becomes more fun times in three you can come across as comical to the beginner, comes from the old guard to the crowd of peasants, and the evil pros, winning in impossible circumstances (by the way, activate the option “only for friends” if you don’t trust shy strangers). Moreover, you can kill the extra fifteen minutes by going to online lobby, select “find a random drop-in-battle” and have the unknown enemy is hell on earth. At fact, two important innovations — multiplayer campaign and battle with random people in the campaign single — turn Empire: Total War from trinkets for the animals in many ways a strategic project that we’ve been wanting all these years.

    Waterloo, the old guard is trying to break the English line of defense. The main thing in this battle is to find and use left designers the level of a loophole.

The battle with the Mamelukes tire — a lot of them and they are very stupid. Even the Cairo mutiny not save.

* * *

The attitude of Napoleon: Total War depends entirely on whether you are going into it proud to play in meaningless solitude. The single-player campaign is a joke. Artificial intelligence — a quiet horror. Ready the army, and guidelines — chaos. Multiplayer mode — magic, flying in dreams and reality, a serious test of body and spirit. Select it. Buy cake “Napoleon” cognac “Napoleon” the game “Napoleon”, invite friends to visit and get one of the best strategies this year.

Replay value — Yes

Cool story — no

Originality — no

Easy to learn — Yes

Justification expectations: 70%

Gameplay: 8

Graphics: 8

Sound and music: 8

Interface and control: 8

Wait? Cropped version Empire: Total War, in which the absurdity and artificial restrictions on the freedom with a vengeance compensate the game’s multiplayer mode.

A Rating Of “Mania”: 8


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