Napoleon: Total War: Review

Total War never ends. And Total War always comes back. But usually, each following strategy series comes in a brand new dress. We see her Japanese kimono, it is medieval heavy armor, then it will show up in the bronze Roman cuirass. Well, last appeared in military uniform of the XIX century. Several years passed, and my daughter

The Creative Assembly
never tried on nor the uniform of an officer of the First world nor any other, and continued to wear his old uniform. Only now blue. So everyone knows — is it to Napoleon. And faithful only to him…

Though the release of Napoleon: Total War became known even before the appearance on the shelves of Empire, yet it seems like the developers have released it for the error correction of the previous project. Very ambiguous turned out the latter strategy. On the one hand changed the picture, but it was not this development of graphics, both from Medieval to Rome. Like much the gameplay has changed, but the musket was still worse than swords. And that story, and it didn’t stick, turned out to be too General and uninteresting.

First, I think: “my God, why the game 20 gigabytes on the hard drive?!” But after the splash screen with the details understand a lot…

And only he heard angry shouts after the release of Empire, as The Creative Assembly immediately reminded that there are more Napoleonwhere everything will be different, and most importantly — better. Much better.
But after meeting with the press version we could be sure of only one thing — another in Napoleon is really a lot. But how it really is better and does this add have all the right to bear the name of Total War? Did the developers do something so very different? That’s about it now and we’ll talk.

The first campaign of Napoleon — a trip from one city to another.

Big steps little man
Unlike all the other strategies of the series Total War, Napoleon is the real campaign. That is, it is not limited to the three phrases of a mentor: “times are tough, but you have a great future. Pull ‘ em, son!” Here before us the whole life story of Bonaparte. And every stage is a separate Chapter.

As I mentioned earlier, the first four chapters of the campaign is a mixture of “King Arthur” classic Total War. On the one hand, everything seems to be as of old. Go generals, carry soldiers, capture settlements, and on the tactical map to measure the length of the blade and the strength of the army. However, at the same time in front of us not the whole world, and not even his quarter, and the only place where in those years were pretty bad Napoleon.

Chose the Italian campaign? Now you are aware of “boots” and a few extra provinces in the area. Everything else is locked behind an impenetrable fog of war. Went to Egypt? The path to Europe will be cut off. You have nothing to do there.

In the campaign for a coalition of four factions. One of them is Russia.

And in addition to the battles there are also a variety of tasks. And they are much more than in all other Total War. Still, we had the freedom of choice. Who wanted put on his knees and forced… to suffer. Here is the main goal, which like it or not, and it is necessary to come. And come in the shortest time. Hence the abundance of simple secondary missions. Capture the city, kill the General, do not go here, go there, be quick about it. The strategic component is minimized.
I wonder whether this Total War? I think not. She is no better than Empire or Rome, there is nothing that would make it “tastier” of the global conquest. But it is greatly curtailed (if not to think of the word harder), but still inferior to the recent “King Arthur”where were artifacts, real quests, dialogues, interesting plot.

On Moscow map ends. Isn’t it strange?

Epic is with us again
But if the reward for endurance and what we could do better to know what else was involved Napoleonbut cold in Moscow, but roasted on the island of St. Helena, the developers in the last Chapter of the story… again introduce almost real Total War. With politics and freedom.

Only, again, pretty special. Typically, we would have what to do? Make alliances, to slowly develop his power. Here all Europe against us, and those who decided to befriend Napoleon, just so weak and helpless that the surrender or the war would be almost netamente.

But it’s kind of fun. And not just fun, but damn recklessly. Here you can see a temper of Napoleon. When you challenge everything and to give as an arrogant slap in the face of England, and to tame the restless Russian spirit with all Balkanskimi, uttering an ode to the sky in the heat of battle is a turn-on. But not as Mary-rose, how the battle of Borodino or the bold March on Moscow.

Diplomacy here consists of two sections. Communicating with normal and… other countries.

And though Napoleon: Total War is pretty historic, there is complete adherence to fact, as in “victory Day”. That is, if you want, then Moscow will burn in 1807, and maybe you from Petersburg take. And let the “Cher Alexander” praying that you all left in the world…
But again it begs comparison with other strategies of the series Total War. In them we had a large time span. And what exactly do — as something incomprehensible. You can go to the East, one to the West. Begin to actively form alliances with or to find people who just longs to be zagenotsidennyh. Well, Napoleon choose? On the left, enemies on the right villains. Even look up, and there are British teeth the rocks — all against us. So developers and do not allow us to turn around and play in the classic Total War.

The field in smoke, the camera picks out the juicy point and we frantically run defense. How lovely.

Show the Frenchman a Fig
Almost do not give. Because in addition to the Napoleonic adventure is still here campaign coalition. And here we have the first opportunity to choose the power and indeed somehow involved in politics. Began to reign in Russia — so it will be necessary not only to Europeans to help, but also to deal with the neighbors. The Swedes won quite decayed, the sly several provinces to eat. In the South, the once great state now look pathetic, and if they now occupy, and then to Bonaparte in the neck will be easier to give.

In General, there are plenty to choose from. Although, of course, a long-term strategy to invent difficult. If you get involved in any large-scale military campaign, the arrival of the French can not have time to prepare. Will spill the army, ponizovaya cities, but the main opposition to era will not be ready.

I think the strategic part of Empire: Total War is clear. It’s more of the story, “closed”, so to speak, the game. But the developers did not try to create a full new part. This is still addition to Empire: Total War. The development of her ideas and the opportunity to show something else, not what we have for so many years see. Got it? Not really. While The Creative Assembly your baking “Napoleon”, another company released a similar “King Arthur”. But there is better. In any case, it is in global mode.

Battle at sea became more interesting, but still much inferior to “Le Corsaire”. Any.

Let’s fight!
But, as is often said, is most valued in a Total War tactical battle. What the hell happened to them in “Napoleon”?

Most importantly — they are prettier. Got really interesting and more challenging. In Empire soldiers right believed the bullet a fool; the bayonet and saber liked them a lot more. And because the tactic was half-hearted. Like to shoot now is possible, but the hack is still good.

But the action of Napoleon: Total War takes place later, when the musket allowed the generals to defeat the enemy. If soldiers rush into a well armed enemy, it will first be crushed cores, and then fall from the three volleys of the Fusiliers. So want or not, and to adopt new rules the military will have.

And, you know, hardly anyone will regret the old times. Battles in Napoleon are some of the best in the whole series. First, they look very nice. Second, the tactic here though is quite slow, but very complex and tricky.

Just imagine. The enemy on the global map caught us near a small settlement. The terrain is bumpy, difficult for fast running. Yes, even to go hard up and down. Plus pouring rain, the soldiers slow down and constantly complain of wet gunpowder. Our position is better: behind a few houses on the way from the enemy in the forest, on the right is also a small grove. To hide, to take a more advantageous position and hit the artillery until the enemy comes.

To take the city now — a trifling matter. No walls, houses are crumbling fast. And to run into the building and all there is to chop nobody forbids.

The orders given from afar is heard the drum roll and the shouts of the French officers. Soldiers bring guns, and two troops of hussars in different directions and hide in the woods on the flanks. And then the camera shakes terribly, at first, throws up, then abruptly drops down, you hear the thunder. It turns out, the artillery fired a volley. And it’s really really epic. Each shot shakes the ground.
But after a few seconds start to hit again and the enemy guns. Just strategically important, the building was intact, and we had hoped to use the Frenchman as right in front of it collapsed and fell dead fighters.

Enemy artillery continues to thunder over the battlefield. And since our soldiers are, it is almost every hit. Ten bodies, twenty, one squad is going to escape: he sees how close the French, but to do yet nothing can. And the sky over and over again brings death. It’s hard not to panic…

And here we let the hussars that quick swoop demolished artillery and deployed to strike the French infantry in the rear. But of course she manages to maneuver, takes up a comfortable position, even lifts her musket, preparing to fire. But the cavalry won’t attack. At that moment give an order to the artillery to fire on a fixed enemy. Six cores fall to the center of the construction of the French, and while the enemy is regrouping, panics and doesn’t know what to do, we sent gunmen ran closer and commanded, “Fire!”

Historic battle, perhaps the best in the series. Napoleon himself says that he wants to do and how to do. Should he believe? And who is more General — you or him?

The roar of the muskets divine! Snap closures, fire breaks out, to the sky smoke rising. Even for us is difficult to understand what is happening. Everything’s hazy, Yes it’s still raining. Someone’s shouting in Russian, somebody swears in French, the hussars… no, not shitting in a piano, and not hitting on Natasha Rostova, they catch up with the retreating and not allow the enemy to regroup.
Napoleon: Total War just had to let out. For only this game was able to unleash the full potential of battle using muskets. After her return to Empire is already impossible…

Yes, on the strategic map of Empire: Total War is not as good and does not allow us to remember those times we had for Rome: Total War. However, this Supplement allows plenty of war and to try all those tactics that were invented Suvorov, Napoleon, Kutuzov.

Pros: great music and voice; complex and interesting tactical battles; good style, all expertly drawn and filed.

too linear and not disclosing the nature of the hero campaign for Napoleon; retarding.

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