Napoleon: Total War Review

Three single-player campaign I propose to follow the route of the great commander. Smashing enemies in Italy, Napoleon went to Egypt to fight with the Bedouins and Mamelukes and then tries to put on his knees Europe. Tiny by the standards of the EmpireBrief information about the game map, a limited number participants reduced capabilities (in Italy no research in Africa is locked diplomacy) — not about that fans wanted for a long winter evenings.
To shake the foundations of no one, fortunately, decided not to. Like a year ago, we chase of the army of the valley and villages, rebuilding infrastructure develop science and bully neighbors. Dozens of small, but always important details share Napoleon and EmpireBrief information about the game. The French, lost in the Sands, suffering from heat and thirst, under Moscow — curse the cold. It is necessary to make forced marches, not lingering in the open terrain without extreme need. One the course takes two weeks; in impassable snowdrifts can losing half of the troops, and to wait out bad weather on the soft the sofa will come — over ear ticks the unforgiving timer. Not fulfilled historic mission for a set number of moves — start again. Something similar it was, however, here the authors went too far. There’s nothing worse than to stand in a step from the goal.

Changed the mechanism of replenishment groups. If the army is the General, worn units gradually restored; nearby barracks or a military warehouse accelerate the process. When the front line moves, it would be logical to convert the same stock in the market, and when the counterattack — to redo back. Although, given the passivity of the AI, the latter option is unlikely. Probably, computer dictators confused by the new rules. Before our the goal was the unification of the world under a single flag. In Napoleonall smarter: capturing the city, loot it by calling the discontent of the population, civilized to occupy or to release, creating a protectorate, which regularly pays tribute. The amount, however, is ridiculous. It remains to go the way of the bandit the well-known joke: “five old women — the ruble”.

Something more substantial from the poor fellows not to shake. Modified diplomatic system designed to communicate with equal. Having concluded the Alliance ask the ally to join the ongoing war, or break relationship with certain government. The failure of the talks — not a reason to despair. Agents also able to influence the balance forces in the region. Spies learned sabotage enemy army (just as the scouts-Indians from the Warpath CampaignBrief information about the game), gentlemen — increase loyalty citizens and provoke people’s unrest abroad.

Of course, victory is still craftable sabers and bayonets. But it is not to do without intelligence. In any the event cannot be ignored ambushes — global map stuffed nooks. Should have fighters under the forest canopy and they disappear out of sight of the enemy. If there is a road where recruits perform at advanced, consider you have found the perfect place. Under cross artillery fire enemies melt like snow under the bright the spring sun.

At the tactical level — another portion of surprises. Moral and psychological the status of the personnel already not the secret behind seven seals. On each a detachment of the hanging strip, allowing instantly see the effects grapeshot volley or kick in the rear. Cleared up the role of commander. Around it delineated spheres of influence, and near experienced leader subordinates feel more confident. The word commander is doing wonders, increasing accuracy or stopping the retreat. Have to fly over the field of battle and to pry into the most dangerous dust. Needless to say, than this fraught for health? Death only has power over Napoleonand some of the key characters. Receiving a portion of the lead, VIP serving for treatment in the capital.

In pursuit of functionality the developers have not forgotten about the schedule. Say goodbye to your clone army! Now in still the ranks hard look out for the “twins”. Lighting and weather effects completed, explosions more spectacular, everywhere you ride horses without riders… But the sea is not for everyone You can conquer half the world, and without removing the hanger Admiral uniform. And why do we then carpenters, breast-covering holes, and funny “primitive” steamers? Technical progress has deprived battles former charm. Ships with Smoking chimneys swim against wind, currents and reefs no —there an obvious simplification. Yes, and the relevance in question. In the Napoleonic wars, ships with steam engines were not involved, and the first military “sailboat with screw” fell on the water as much as in 1850.

Two comrades were serving
In multiplayer, your permutation. The modes are familiar, but “fraction” now vary considerably. Have some powerful infantry, the other put on cavalry, etc.Very attractive Russia. Our soldiers are trained worse than English or French, but artillery — out of the competition. Long-range howitzers force of the enemy immediately to go on the attack. First bomb then the shrapnel… Just the usual the kernel was not impressed. I ever noticed how got under the hand the soldiers rose and continued to stomp on. With the release of Napoleon ended the era of light Dragoons, ruled unchallenged in the EmpireBrief information about the game. Standard muskets hit on the same 80 .e. and the bayonets protect against of the assaults. The characteristics of the units changed, old tactics: before fleeing snipers, followed by marching in the line, on the flanks waiting in the wings the hussars…

Alas, enthusiasm is not eternal. Marines forgotten how to shoot ranks1 — fighting the first row, the rest hesitantly crossed feet leg, preparing to perform a meaningless dance “fire & advance”. It is possible that the authors add to the value of melee combat, although the way of the wild — from the category of “let’s will take your eyes, not to hurt”. And the problem is far-fetched. When in EmpireBrief information about the game I played for the Hurons, to rival the Europeans prefer traditional methods of warfare, remained just have to pray. Redskins Horde demolished everything in its path.

There are objective flaws. The arrow is not able to adequately to estimate the “line of fire”, with the same happy vsazhivaya bullets in the hills and dunes. Key “insert” helps to look at the world through the eyes one of the soldiers, but in the heat of battle this half-measure does not help. In addition, through an obstacle you can throw grenade. However, the effect is zero. Grenadiers of the mighty forces turned into some fools with Chinese firecrackers — lots of smoke a lot of noise, not only the victims. But, really killing me barefoot Gavroche-revolutionaries (in the classic games inactive). Studying the pre-release version, I was convinced that the lack of boots — a funny mistake. Turned out as well as planned.

The interface is also far from perfection. You can’t see statistics or ping of another player you cannot update the server list. In as compensation — the long-awaited “drop-in battles”. Just click the mouse, and instead of a battle with the stupid AI we get the confrontation with the real opponent (provided that sides are equal, and the network will be wishing). And, of course, full multiplayer campaign for two — TCA insists on them already broken a year. Until the holders of licensed copies of EmpireBrief information about the game swinging their nerves, doing permanent beta testing, the future “Napoleon” enjoy a stable game which is allowed at any time save and later continue. Sorry, poor choice: France, England, Austria, Prussia, Russia and the Ottomans, why not leave the limits African reservation.

Meter with a three-cornered hat
Don’t get me wrong, Napoleon — a great gift for fans of the genre but if at least a part of innovations moved to EmpireBrief information about the game… Limiting the framework the Napoleonic wars, the developers destroyed the sense of scale and significance. Before we ruled the Empire are building today mud pies in the sandbox. And it progress?

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