Napoleon: Total War: all information about the game

Three single-player campaign I propose to follow the route of the great commander. Smashing enemies in Italy, Napoleon went to Egypt to fight with the Bedouins and Mamelukes and then tries to put on his knees Europe. Tiny by the standards of the EmpireBrief information about the game map, a limited number participants reduced capabilities (in Italy no research in Africa is locked diplomacy) — not about that fans wanted for a long winter evenings.

To shake the foundations of no one, fortunately, decided not to. Like a year ago, we chase of the army of the valley and villages, rebuilding infrastructure develop science and bully neighbors. Dozens of small, but always important details share Napoleon and EmpireBrief information about the game. The French, lost in the Sands, suffering from heat and thirst, under Moscow — curse the cold. It is necessary to make forced marches, not lingering in the open terrain without extreme need. One the course takes two weeks; in impassable snowdrifts can losing half of the troops, and to wait out bad weather on the soft the sofa will come — over ear ticks the unforgiving timer. Not fulfilled historic mission for a set number of moves — start again. Something similar it was, however, here the authors went too far. There’s nothing worse than to stand in a step from the goal.

At the tactical level — another portion of surprises. Moral and psychological the status of the personnel already not the secret behind seven seals. On each a detachment of the hanging strip, allowing instantly see the effects grapeshot volley or kick in the rear. Cleared up the role of commander. Around it delineated spheres of influence, and near experienced leader subordinates feel more confident. The word commander is doing wonders, increasing accuracy or stopping the retreat. Have to fly over the field of battle and to pry into the most dangerous dust. Needless to say, than this fraught for health? Death only has power over Napoleonand some of the key characters. Receiving a portion of the lead, VIP serving for treatment in the capital.

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