The game has the traditional series of global strategic map, where the main goal of the player’s faction is the domination or the conquest of certain territories in the historically accurate term. In addition, a territorial story campaign the most important military campaigns and politics of the Napoleonic period. The effect of these campaigns going on in different time periods on independent strategic maps in the game Medieval II: Total War — Kingdoms.

Educational campaign (1778-1793)

The campaign talks about the early life of Napoleon and his ascension to the heights of power. In this campaign the training combined with the story of the commander who leads a close friend of the commander, Marshal of France and chief of staff of Napoleon-Louis Alexandre Berthier. The art of management of marine transport on the strategic map the player learns ferrying Napoleon from the island of Corsica on the Northern coast of France. The economic component of the game dedicated to job near Reims: construction of roads, College and research management. At the same time it is necessary to prevent excessively high levels of discontent among the workers, dissatisfied with the high tax rate. The military component is related with the siege of Toulon.

Italian campaign (1796-1797)

Factions: France, Kingdom Of Sardinia, Lucca, Tuscany, Central Italy, Austria.

Campaign activity takes place on the Apennine Peninsula in the period of the campaign of the French revolutionary troops in Italian land, led by General Napoleon Bonaparte from 1796 to 1798.

Austria, fearing that the revolution in France will cause revolts in its provinces, beginning two military campaigns against the French: one began in the Rhineland, the other runs through Northern Italy. Napoleon commands the Italian campaign of the French army. For the victory over Austria, he needs to establish control over key provinces in the region. The hike is complicated by the large number of disparate Italian factions, mountainous terrain and the bad uniforms of the French revolutionary army not ready for war in the Alps. Army, falling on snow-covered terrain, is a serious loss. In the campaign, many individual missions that lead the player to the ultimate goals — the expulsion of the Austrians from the region and strengthen the position of France in the region.

The campaign map covers a large area from nice to Klagenfurt(which you need to keep under control to win). In co-operative mode playable France and the Austrian Empire.

The Egyptian campaign (1798-1800)

Factions: France, United Kingdom, the Mamluks, the Ottoman Empire, Bedouins.

The campaign is dedicated to the attempt of Napoleon in 1798 — 1801 the years to occupy the middle East and Egypt with the aim of reducing British influence in North Africa and in Asia. The conduct of hostilities and the movement of armies is complicated by natural conditions. Army trapped several moves in the area, desert is losing and the soldiers reduced the level of morality. The French are a major plus discipline, but the soldiers are in the desert. The Mamelukes and the army of the Ottoman Empire receive bonuses at the battle in the desert.

The campaign map covers the territory of the Eastern Mediterranean and includes the middle East, Egypt and Cyprus. In co-operative mode playable First French Republic and the Ottoman Empire. To win you need to have under control Alexandria (province of the Western Delta) and Damascus (governorate of RIF Damascus).

European campaign (1805-1812)

The campaign activity is happening in Europe 1805 — 1812. The only playable faction is France. She needs to establish control over the key provinces of the continent, such as Moscow (province, Moscow province), Vienna (province of Austria), Konigsberg (province East Prussia), Berlin (province of Brandenburg).

Waterloo (18 June 1815)

The campaign submitted directly to the battle of Waterloo, introductory and final movie. The content of the final movie depends on the outcome of the battle. This is the only campaign in the game, which is completely absent the strategic map.

Campaign coalition (1805-1812)

The campaign is dedicated to military action in Europe 1805 — 1812 from the perspective of the anti-French coalition. This campaign fulfills the role of traditional global strategic map. Playable factions are Prussia, Austria, Britain and Russia.

Battles Of Napoleon

Battles of Napoleon — a collection of ten major historical battles of the period. In historical battles you can not change the placement of troops before the battle, troops are arranged in accordance with historical data. Presented the land battle: the battle of Lodi, battle of Arcole, battle of the Pyramids, battle of Austerlitz, Borodino, the battle of Dresden the battle at ligny and the battle of Waterloo, in which, after the release of the second patch, the player can play as great Britain. Playable two naval battles: the Battle of the Nile and battle of Trafalgar. Battles are available for play in chronological order, that is, to play the battle of Austerlitz, they must win the battle of the Pyramids and other previous battles.


The multiplayer game also develops ideas Empire: Total War and is based on the game system Steam. Multiplayer can be carried out through the regional Internet servers and through the local network. It presents a tactical naval and land battles. Was a strategic two-player mode.

Tactical battle

The game traditionally for multiplayer in the series shows a standard tactical marine and land battles. All tactic cards are available for play from 1×1 to 4×4 players, including bots. In the game lobby, you can choose value of the army (the minimum is 5,000 coins, normal — 10,000 coins and above the norm — 14000 coins), choice of units, viewing short descriptions of each unit and the choice of the General, which are conventional and four historical General.

For games available Portugal, United provinces, Spain, France, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, Austria, Prussia, Britain and the Ottoman Empire.

Strategy game

The first in a series launched a full-fledged multiplayer mode on the strategic map for two players, launched after the success of large-scale beta testing this mode on the game Empire: Total War, which commenced on 7 December 2009 and attracted about 15 thousand participants.

For the strategic mode is available for all three historical campaigns of Napoleon and campaign of the Coalition. In this mode, players can act both as allies and opponents. With the strategic map you can start tactical battles; these battles can participate and third-party players. Selecting the option “open battle” in the beginning of the single player campaign, you can invite any player to take command of the troops of the enemy or to participate in battles with other users.

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